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Pulsonix Version 8.0

Pulsonix 8.0 is the latest edition and contains over 40 exciting new features and enhancements to our highly valued user base. Below is an overview of the major new features in this release. For more details, view the datasheet or read the Update Notes.

Footprint Rules Footprint Rules provide a mechanism for automatically selecting PCB footprints where the Part has multiple footprint alternatives based on defined rules. This may be desirable for a variety of reasons, for example, to provide support for different soldering techniques or technologies. The Footprint Rules allow you to define the footprint type and rotation of the footprint selected for use based on the soldering or manufacturing technology being used.
Via Stitching for Tracks and Copper Areas Vias can be automatically added along, inside or outside of tracks and shapes.These can be used for shielding in RF or high speed designs for example. Via stitching into copper areas can also be achieved; Vias will be spaced, staggered or randomly added within a selected shape as an alternative to 'pouring' copper.This technique can be used for high-voltage applications.
Add Breakout Patterns in Footprint Editor Add breakout patterns (fanouts) to an existing BGA footprint in the footprint editor using a dialog driven interface without having to recreate it from scratch.This feature will save a huge amount of time where the footprint has been imported or created without the use of breakout patterns.
High Speed Rules Spreadsheet editor As a powerful addition to the Interactive High Speed suite, the Rules Spreadsheet enhances the head-up display by allowing you to view constraint Rules on each net with their lengths when editing, all in real time. Colour keys enable the rule and its current status to be clearly viewed in context, especially when a rule has been violated.
Bus Routing in PCB Routing multiple tracks across the design is made easy using the new Bus Routing option. Included within the Interactive High Speed suite, Bus routes are easily selected in the design from pads, vias, connections and tracks. Collections of Bus connections identified in the Schematic are carried through into the PCB design for easy selection.