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Customisation proves pivitol for Deuche Bahnn choosing Pulsonix

In spring 2012 the EZW approached Pulsonix, because they had learned about its re-engineering capability and wanted to evaluate how the software supported the planned process. During meetings, some of which were accompanied by Bob Williams, co-founder and Technical Director of WestDev Ltd., a specification sheet was created to identify new and customisation of existing features required for the DB process. A proposal was created and DB AG placed an order in October 2012 for the Pulsonix product.

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At the beginning of the process we had no idea how much work could be reduced. Because of the close collaboration with the local Pulsonix distributor, Tecnotron GmbH and the close support from Pulsonix, the maintenance process was effectively enhanced and we are now much more productive. Furthermore, the quick, professional and qualified support contributed to get the optimum out of the Pulsonix tool.

Mr Peter Weinheimer
Technician, Deuche Bahnn AG Group


Zeiss Group selects Pulsonix as their global EDA solution

After extensive testing of the Pulsonix product range, Zeiss Group decided to swap EDA products corporately to Pulsonix. This decision was made for all Zeiss Group offices world-wide and has led to their central server in Germany servicing offices as far afield as the UK and China. Working closely with Westdev Ltd, the writers of Pulsonix, Zeiss were able to get new features specific to their working practices and processes incorporated into the product. This close working relationship and cooperation has been paramount to the success of the adoption of Pulsonix within Zeiss.

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Pulsonix is our new ECAD standard tool for Schematics, simulation and PCB design. It has been chosen for its modern easy-to-use interface and its perfect price/performance ratio.

Mr Olaf Hollinger
Senior Designer, Zeiss AG


Tridonic see the value in responsive 5 star support 

Pulsonix was demonstrated to TridonicAtco and the design team were immediately struck by the modern appearance of the product. Pulsonix was quite simple to understand and appeared to have the power needed to address the design and manufacturing requirements at TridonicAtco. Also, the development team at Pulsonix had the technical capability to develop a translator from the Visula design and library database using the Zuken CADIF format. The transfer of archive data was not available as a deliverable with the PADS system. 

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It is vitally important that we receive fast response and support from our software tools suppliers. We feel that WestDev are really interested in looking after their customers, and the support we get on Pulsonix is excellent.

Mr Sascha Steiner
Development Engineer, Tridonic Atco GmbH


Ease-of-use and responsive support key for Hoffmann + Krippner

Hoffmann + Krippner had developed PCBs and flexible circuits in screen printing technology for many years using the Integra design software .The steady growth of the company and the cessation of existing CAD software meant the search for a powerful replacement tool. The search resulted in Pulsonix.

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Pulsonix is used extensively at Hoffmann + Krippner in the development and construction of products. The designers are able to quickly and automatically create designs using Pulsonix.


Copernica moving forward with Hybrid design thanks to Pulsonix

For over 30 years, Copernica has been providing products and services to the Automotive, F1 Motorsport, Instrumentation, Medical,Telecoms and Defence industries.

Copernica visioned moving from a 2D drafting system to an intelligent 'electronics' based system to simplify the task of creating hybrid designs.The move was to make designing hybrids more intuitive and more meaningful, especially where electrical characteristics between a Schematic and PCB were required. The existing system couldn't offer this level of design coexistence and intelligent system integrity.

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The capability of Pulsonix and the supportive team at WestDev have helped us make this important transition and to move forward.

Mr Mark Wilkinson
Managing Director, Copernica Ltd


Eschmann Equipment realise major benefits after switching CAD tools to Pulsonix

Now that the Eschmann development staff can identify design problems before the prototype is built by using Pulsonix Spice, they calculate this is saving one complete design iteration per project.This represents a saving in time of approximately 4 weeks per project, which has a real effect on meeting company deadlines. Eschmann Engineering Manager, Patrick Clayton: "All of our new product designs are on tight deadlines so it is essential we get the design right first time. In changing our product design tools to Pulsonix we are able to simulate the critical areas of the design accurately and transfer the results into layout, quickly creating a working prototype ready for test.We experienced the benefits of the Pulsonix integrated tool-set almost immediately."

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We estimate that Pulsonix system has improved our efficiency in the electronic design department over the original Mentor system by approximately 50% and as a result we are now much better positioned to achieve the development targets set by the company.

Mr Patrick Clayton
Engineering Manager, Eschmann Equipment

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