Pulsonix Vault

Complete access control and revision history of design items in the Pulsonix Vault

No More Accidental Overrides/Loss of Work

Gone are the days of accidental overrides or loss of old revisions of Library items and Designs


Full Revision History

Access full revision history over your Pulsonix data using the Pulsonix Vault. Automatic versioning of your designs and libraries in a controlled manner ensures accuracy and allows for coherent design practises to be managed effectively.

Definable Access Rights

User definable permission levels within the Vault allow you to control who can access, view, edit and save items. Having this functionality helps to ensure you design with known and verified Parts, Hierarchical Blocks and Designs.

Preview Windows

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words - the Pulsonix Vault allows you to see visual previews of your Parts and their attributes based on the individual revision of the item you select.

Where Used Reporting

The Pulsonix Vault allows you to carry out 'Where Used' analysis to identify exactly where an item is used, you can see if a Part is used in a Hierarchal Block, Schematic or PCB Design.

Saved Search Capability

The Pulsonix Vault provides you with the ability to save various search configurations allowing for quick and easy access to known filtered items within your Vault.

Full Audit History

See what changes were made, when they were made and by whom. Users can obtain full reports which can be filtered by user, action type, date and file type to show an audit history for the selected data.

Pulsonix Vault Overview

Data Migration

Have confidence in retaining your valuable Intellectual Property. Import your Designs and Libraries from many industry standard systems.

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"With an interface to our MCAD product - Solidworks, a 3D board can be forwarded to the mechanical department to generate an enclosure long before the first board is manufactured. This has helped a lot in shortening our development lead-times and is saving the company money."

Peter Goerlich - Durr Dental

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