PCB Design Features

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3D Design and Visualisation

Design with confidence using the in-built 3D viewer within Pulsonix. Create your own, or use known STEP models for parts directly imported into Pulsonix then view them in your design.

External Integration

Integrate Pulsonix to many external tools and environments from Simulation, FPGA, Library Management, Autorouting, M-CAD, Corporate Databases and PLM systems.

Extensive Import Tools

Pulsonix provides you with the largest import capability of all the EDA tools on the market, you can import designs and libraries from many EDA tools as well as allowing you to import Gerber, STEP, DXF and IDF.

Data Management

Have confidence in your design using intelligent tools such as the Pulsonix Vault, Database Connection and PLM connector to help manage your design data.

Advanced Design Capability

When your design requirements are such that you need Flexi-Rigid support, Embedded Components or Chip-on-board technology, have confidence knowing your EDA tool can provide this for you.

High-Speed Design Capability

Pulsonix contains many High-Speed Design features to allow for simple, sophisticated layout and routing of DDR memory and RF designs.

PCB Design Features

Advanced Technology

When your Technology requirements are such; benefit from advanced technology features such as Flexi-Rigid Design, Embedded Components and Chip-On-Board to provide you with the functionality you require.

Placement Sites

Placement Sites are an intelligent methodology for placing components in critical positions. Placement Sites can be imported from DXF and allow components to snap to a precise point based on a user definable snapping tolerance.

E-CAD to M-CAD Support

Bridge your ECAD-MCAD flows and design environments with support for STEP, DXF and IDF. Where a mechanical interface is required, the bi-directional STEP interface can utilise STEP models and import critical board outlines and positional changes.

Powerful Report Maker

Create complex reports and netlists in a number of different formats with ease from Pulsonix.

Design Variants

Using the Variant Manager, easily create any number of design variants for Fitted/None Fitted, Different part and/or, Footprint, Attribute/Values and even a different number of footprint pins per component.

Construction Lines

Unique to Pulsonix, construction lines provide user-definable lines within your design from which to guide your design items. Using construction lines you can create complex board outlines or align irregular shapes and design items.

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Data Migration

Have confidence in retaining your valuable Intellectual Property. Import your Designs and Libraries from many industry standard systems.

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