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Pulsonix 9.0

Obtaining Pulsonix 9.0

Pulsonix 9.0 is now available in selective regions and distribution channels. Please contact your local sales office to see if you are eligible for this upgrade and to obtain your new license.

8.5 Software Updates


Updates ('Patches' or 'Service Packs') are provided here for the current major version of the product (Version 8.5) for customers with a current maintenance contract.

The latest edition of Pulsonix is Version 8.5 Build 5908 dated 14-Oct-2016.

Update Pulsonix 8.5 to Build 5908

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Complete Pulsonix 8.5 Install


If you are installing 8.5 to replace an existing licensed copy of 8.0 or earlier, please contact us or your local distributor for a new license file before installation.

Download Pulsonix 8.5.5908

globe Download Version 8.5 ()

Network License Server

Using NLS

The Pulsonix Network License Server provides 'floating' license capability for your Pulsonix application users. One NLS installation can support multiple versions of the Pulsonix application.

We release a new NLS version with each major release of Pulsonix. Although it is not strictly necessary to update your NLS installation to support new versions of client application, we recommend that you do keep up-to-date to take advantage of any new features or performance improvements.

Download License Server 8.5

download Download License Server Install (72.5 Mb)

More Information

Which version?

You can find out which version and build of Pulsonix you are using by looking at the About box in the Pulsonix program from the Help menu.

Need a site login?

If you believe you have a current maintenance contract but have not yet been given a username and password to log in, please contact us with your full details and we will provide you with your account information.

Using the Trial version?

If you already installed the Pulsonix Trial version, you do not need to install anything else but you will need a license to operate it as a full product. Either, a license would have been sent to you or you will need to contact us at our sales office or contact your local distributor.


Each major revision of software requires a new license file. If you have a current software maintenance contract and have not already received your license for version 8.5, please contact us or your local distributor for a new license file before installation.

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