High-Speed Design Features

Create complex, high frequency designs with the easy to use technologies in Pulsonix

Making it easy to define rules and route critical traces

Powerful rules definition and layout capability enable you to layout your High-Speed designs with ease


Differential Pair Routing

Set two Nets to be routed together in Parallel or Tandem with their own rules set to them.

Constraint Management

The powerful Constraint Manager allows you to easily create and apply complex rules over multiple nets.

RF Design Tools

Specialist functionality such as square-ended tracks and chamfered track corners facilitate in RF design.

Signal Paths

Pulsonix provides intelligent Signal Path creation, rule definition and application to aid in defining rules and routing for High-Speed Designs.

Intelligent Rules Spreadsheet

Quickly and easily view lengths of critical traces to ensure they meet the rules defined during routing.

Interactive Serpentine Routing

Ensure traces adhere to required length rules by using the interactive Serpentine Routing functions within Pulsonix.

High-Speed Design Features

Interactive Serpentine Routing

Dynamic length tuning gives you control over how and where you wish to add additional length to your nets. Choose from a variety of Serpentine styles to best achieve your design requirements.

Signal Path Creation

Define intelligent paths for signals traveling through multiple components and nets. Once defined, you can easily create High-Speed, DFM and DFT rules for the paths.

Branch Points

Specialist symbols can be placed in your design to act as a point from where you can branch your T junction and have length rules defined to each segment to ensure equal length beyond the T junction.

High-Speed Design Rules

Various High-Speed rules to control the total length, distance between, necked length and routing characteristics for your High-Speed signals.

Via Length Rules

Automatically have additional length added to your reported net length when spanning layers with the ability to add length values to Vias.

RF Design Features

Specialist functionality to aid in Radio-Frequency designs, features such as Square Ended Tracks, Chamfered Corners, Curved Routing, Via Shielding and Importing DXF shapes help in your Wireless System Design Requirements

Data Migration

Have confidence in retaining your valuable Intellectual Property. Import your Designs and Libraries from many industry standard systems.

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