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TridonicAtco migrates to Pulsonix ahead of Zuken and PADS

"...we feel that WestDev are really interested in looking after their customers, and the support we get on Pulsonix is excellent..."
Mr Sascha Steiner
Development Engineer, Design Services

Tridonic Testimonial
TridonicAtco develops, manufactures and markets components for innovative lighting solutions. The company boasts annual sales in excess of 300 million Euros and employs around 1,750 people worldwide. The TridonicAtco GmbH & Co. KG head-office is based in Dornbirn, Austria and is also the central design centre for innovative equipment and systems for intelligent lighting solutions.

Pulsonix was demonstrated to TridonicAtco and the design team were immediately struck by the modern appearance of the product. Pulsonix was quite simple to understand and appeared to have the power needed to address the design and manufacturing requirements at TridonicAtco. Also, the development team at Pulsonix had the technical capability to develop a translator from the Visula design and library database using the Zuken CADIF format.

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  • Crowcon selects Pulsonix ahead of Cadstar, OrCAD and Protel

    "...we were cautious to ensure we would receive good support. In the event the support has been exceptional...Pulsonix has paid for itself many times over..."
    Adrian Beasley
    Crowcon Development Manager

    Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd is part of the Halma Group, one of the most successful companies to be quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Crowcon was founded in 1970, and over the past 30 years they have built a reputation for providing world-class gas and fire detection solutions.

    The decision was made in Spring 2001 to evaluate and install an appropriate PCB design and layout system as part of a major redevelopment programme to work alongside the mechanical ProEngineer® and Solidworks® CAD products. The decision was reached to purchase a Pulsonix license in July 2001. The evaluation of Pulsonix had progressed so well that it was not necessary to consider a training programme, and a re-design of an existing compact multi-layer sensor board was started immediately and very quickly completed.

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  • Eschmann Equipment realise major benefits after switching CAD tools to Pulsonix

    Eschmann found that Pulsonix delivered a state-of-the art system meeting the company specification for performance plus ease of use at only a fraction of the price quoted for the PADS product

    Eschmann Equipment is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment. Having determined that the existing Mentor Schematic Capture and PCB Layout system could no longer support the design department's ability to achieve development deadlines, it was decided to seek a replacement system.

    The short-list came down to PADS PowerPCB and Pulsonix. PADS was found to be a comprehensive and powerful system, but certain factors were not favoured, including the use of Viewdraw as the proposed schematic solution. Cost was also important, the purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs with PADS were quite high and would be difficult to justify.

    In comparison, Eschmann found that the integrated Pulsonix toolset (Schematics, Simulation and PCB) delivered a state-of-the-art system at only a fraction of price quoted for the PADS product both in terms of purchase and ongoing support costs.

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