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 Possible bug in SCM Doc attribute behaviour
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Posted - 20 Jun 2015 :  17:27:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I created a DOC symbol library.
I made a frame with title block and border. I used several built-in attribute plus a custom one I needed (Ass'yNo)
Placing the frame on my schematic yields several attributes enclosed in { } in the title block (actually all those that have not yet been given a value either by me or the program). Everything's normal up to here.
But if I select the frame to edit its attribute ( {DrgNo} and {AssyNo} namely), the dialog doesn't show any attribute although those exist in the library "doc" part, and are displayed between brackets in my schematic.... first weird behaviour.
Then I tried to "force" my attribute into the frame (properties - doc symbol - doc symbol attributes - NEW)... good : the values are correctly displayed.
Then I wanted to change those values to a blank space (I'm building a profile, actually, so those numbers will change for each design), this worked, of course.
On a 2nd thought, I said to myself "there are so many different places to visit in here to get all those values correct, I'd better place a reminder here", and as I'm polite, I kindly answered to myself "sure, I'll do that". So I tried to change those 2 attributes' values to "edit frame attrib"... and *poof* no more AssyNo or DwgNo displayed.
Changing their value again to 1234 (or anything) left them invisible.
I had to reload from library the SCM DOC part into my sheet to see those back again.
What did I do wrong ? or is it a bug ?

As a side note, methink Pulsonix lacks a "central" dialog to store and conveniently edit all the design oriented variables, like Title, subject, DwgNo, Eng. by, revision, etc...
As a side side note : why can't we setup the way the revision is incremented (or at least edit its number)? I'm an adept of the Save Often, Save Now so I'll soon be working of the revision 3942 of my design.

Jacques at ACDC Systems, Brussels

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Posted - 22 Jun 2015 :  08:51:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From what you state, it would seem that you have not associated attributes to the frame, they are in place on their own, so would be edited directly on themselves. Were those two attributes showing their value i.e. a space? If you want to gain access to the attributes one place is through Find.

The Design Revision attribute is a system level attribute, you may create as many attributes as you wish and assign one for a Revision purpose, which you may increment as you require.

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