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PCB Libraries - PCB Expert - Technology & Mapping Files

download PCBLIBRARIES.ZIP (55Kb)

The ZIP file provided is for use when using the PCB Libraries PCB Expert program. Included in the compressed file are a suitable Technology file and a Layer Mapping file for use during the import of the .plx format files into Pulsonix.

The Technology file should be saved to your Pulsonix Technology folder for selection during the import of the .plx files. The Mapping file can be saved into the same folder as your design and browsed for during import.

Download the Interface Import Guide for detailed information on how to use PCB Libraries with Pulsonix.

acro Pulsonix PCB Libraries Interface Import Guide (282Kb)

System Information

download SUPPORTINFO.EXE (70Kb)

This is a program for displaying support-related information about Pulsonix. It uses some of the Pulsonix modules to gather information, so it should be saved to your Pulsonix program folder and run from there.

License Checking

download HASPID V2.2 (335Kb)

A program for displaying information about the HASP USB security key. To use this as a standalone program (prior to installing Pulsonix or the Network License Server), simply unpack the Zip file into a folder and run the HASPID.exe program from there (you may also require the VS2010 runtime from the Runtime Files tab). If you already have Pulsonix software installed (version 7.6 or later) you only need to place the EXE file into the folder where the Pulsonix software lives, as the associated DLL files will already be present.

download GETMACS.EXE V1.02 (54Kb)

A program for displaying the "MAC" addresses of all the network devices it can find on your system. This is a standalone program and does not require a Pulsonix installation, and should run on any supported version of Windows that has networking installed. It also displays the 'system serial number' which is a number we calculate based on hardware in your computer.

When you run the program, you will see it flash on the screen for a moment, then the results will be available on the Windows clipboard for you to paste into a file or email message.

If you wish, you can run the program from a command prompt as it outputs its findings to the console. For example, launch a command prompt (Windows 'flag' key and press R, then type CMD <enter>), then:

    c:\users\public\bin> GETMACS

    Using GetAdapterInfo
    00-23-bd-5b-37-06    Broadcom 57xx

    Using SNMP
    00-23-BD-5B-37-06    Broadcom 57xx

    Using NetBIOS
    System Serial Number

Runtime Files

download Visual Studio 2010 (8.7Mb)

Installation program for the C++ runtime files from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. This is sometimes needed to repair or replace the runtime files, for example if uninstalling another application has mistakenly removed these files or replaced them with the wrong version. VS2010 runtime files are used by Pulsonix Version 7.6 onwards. This download is version 10.0.40219.325.

download MSVC80 Runtime (586Kb)

MSVC80 side-by-side assembly files from Microsoft. Unzip this file into your C:\Windows\WinSxs folder, if you are prompted to Merge with existing folders then say Yes. These files are rarely needed, but on a few systems we have found that they are required to allow the Advanced Router to run.

download Visual Studio 2003 (810Kb)

A collection of the C++ runtime files from Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, may be required on some systems to install Pulsonix program updates. Unpack this Zip into your Windows System32 folder (or SysWow64 on a 64-bit system), or simply place them in the same folder as the program that requires them. VS2003 runtime files are used by Pulsonix Version 7.5 and older.

HASP Security Key Installation

download HASPDINST.EXE (19.9Mb)

HASP/LDK command-line install for HASP security key drivers (Version 7.80, 12 April 2018).

download HASPUSERSETUP.EXE (19.9Mb)

HASP/LDK GUI install for HASP security key drivers (Version 7.80, 12 April 2018).

download DIAGNOSTIX.EXE (1.7Mb)

A diagnostic program for HASP security keys (Version 1.10, 23-Jul-04).

HASP Security Key Drivers

If you still experience problems with HASP keys after installing the latest drivers from here, it is probably worth checking the Gemalto web site for more recent downloads. Look for the HASP SRM or LDK drivers/runtimes, these are backwards-compatible with the HASP4 and HASP HL keys we use.

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