Reading material to help you get the best out of Pulsonix.

Startup Notes and Evaluation Guides

Pulsonix Startup Notes

acro Startup Notes (255 Kb)

This is a general installation guide covering the basics of node-locked and floating license installation.

  • General installation issues
  • Network licensing introduction
  • Installing and managing network licensing

Pulsonix SCM/PCB Evaluation Guide

acro Evaluation Guide (1.4 Mb)

This guide giving you a brief introduction to Pulsonix to get you started. It covers the main topics you will probably want to know when starting off:

  • Installing and starting the software
  • An overview of the design process
  • An introduction to the user interface
  • Creating a schematic drawing
  • Moving from schematic to PCB
  • Placing components
  • Routing the board
  • Output to manufacture

Database Connection Evaluation Guide

acro Database Connection Evaluation Guide (279 Kb)

This is an introductory guide to the Database Connection, with step-by-step instructions showing you how to use the basic operations.

  • Getting Started
  • Feature Overview
  • Adding Components
  • Checking Designs
  • Updating Designs

Spice Evaluation Guide

acro Evaluation Guide (428 Kb)

This guide provides a brief introduction to the Pulsonix Spice simulator.:

  • Loading a schematic and simulating it
  • Making modifications to the schematic to refine the simulation results
  • Simulating a second, more advanced schematic
  • Using the more advanced tools available
  • Adding 3rd party models

User Guides

Pulsonix SCM/PCB Users Guide

acro Users Guide (8.1 Mb)

This guide provides an introduction to Pulsonix in a general 'design flow' methodology.

  • Getting started
  • General utilities
  • Setting up Pulsonix
  • Schematic capture
  • PCB editing
  • Manufacturing outputs
  • Reports and lists
  • Importing data
  • Library creation
  • Library management

Vault Users Guide

acro Pulsonix Vault Users Guide (1.1 Mb)

This guide provides an introduction to the Pulsonix Vault and full installation instructions required when installing the Vault for the first time

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Migrating Data
  • Using the Vault
  • Vault Admin Tools

Advanced Technology Users Guide

acro Advanced Technology Users Guide (737 Kb)

This guide details the features in the Advanced Technology add-on package.

  • Microvias
  • Flexi-rigid boards
  • Board cavities
  • Embedded Component Technology
  • Chip-on-board

High-Speed Users Guide

acro Interactive High Speed Users Guide (1.4 Mb)

This guide deatils the features in the Interactive High Speed add-on package.

  • Differential Pair Routing
  • Interactive High Speed
  • Constraint Rules
  • Daisy-chain routing
  • Net Length indicators
  • Serpentine routing
  • Spiral tracks and shapes
  • Square-ended tracks and chamfered corners

Pulsonix Database Connection ("PDC") Users Guide

acro Database Connection Users Guide (410 Kb)

This is a Users Guide for the Database Connection, with full details on how to set up and use the various features.

  • Getting Started
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Adding Components
  • Maintaining Designs
  • Reporting
  • Managing Library Data

Spice Users Guide

acro Users Guide (2.5 Mb)

The Pulsonix Spice manual is a comprehensive guide to the Pulsonix Spice application.

  • Getting started
  • Circuit definition
  • Device library and model management
  • Analysis modes
  • Graphs and probes
  • Command shell
  • Using the simulator

Spice Device Reference Manual

acro Reference Manual (746 Kb)

This manual describes in detail all the analog and digital devices used in Pulsonix Spice.

  • Introduction to simulator devices and using expresssions
  • Analog device reference
  • Digital simulation
  • Digital device reference

Pulsonix Spice Script Users Guide

acro Reference Manual (950 Kb)

This manual is supplied as a scripting reference to the Spice product.

  • Spice Script reference
  • Script language
  • Function reference
  • Command reference
  • Applications

Pulsonix Library Toolkit

acro Library Toolkit (214 Kb)

Technical documentation for the Pulsonix Library Toolkit package, including full descriptions of file syntax and working examples.

Network Licensing

Network Licensing

acro Network Licensing (846 Kb)

A technical guide to installing, configuring and using the Pulsonix Network Licensing features.

  • Choosing a suitable computer
  • Server software installation
  • Running as a service
  • Connecting clients
  • Configuration and access control
  • Monitoring and trouble-shooting

Update Notes

Pulsonix V9 Update Notes

acro V9.1 Update Notes (615 Kb)

acro V9.0 Update Notes (2.1 Mb)

Previous Pulsonix Release Update Notes

acro V8.5 Update Notes (1.3 Mb)

acro V8.0 Update Notes (1.1 Mb)

acro V7.6 Update Notes (1.9 Mb)

acro V7.5 Update Notes (1.8 Mb)

acro V7.0 Update Notes (1.4 Mb)

acro V6.1 Update Notes (361 Kb)

acro V6.0 Update Notes (805 Kb)

acro V5.1 Update Notes (170 Kb)

acro V5.0 Update Notes (2.3 Mb)

acro V4.6 Update Notes (563 Kb)

acro V4.5 Update Notes (2.3 Mb)

acro V4.0 Update Notes (1.6 Mb)

acro V3.0 Update Notes (610 Kb)

acro V2.1 Update Notes (777 Kb)

acro V2.0 Update Notes (1.7 Mb)

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