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Pulsonix provides advanced PCB design capabilities through a modern, easy-to-use interface.
Check out some of the capabilities below to see how Pulsonix can help you design better
boards faster than ever. That’s PCB Design done right!

Interactive 3D Design

Interactively move components and enclosures in the 3D environment with real time clash detection of violations.
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Dynamic Copper Pour

Automatically heal damaged copper areas during interactive editing, obeying Net, Copper Pour and Thermal rules.

Selection Mask

User-defined design selections can be easily refined using the powerful new Selection Mask browser.

New DFM/DFT Rules

Technology Dialog
New Technology rules combine many elements of the design process and introduces new rules for DFM/DFT and productivity efficiency.

Differential Pair Routing Modes

Differential Pair Routing
Route differential paired tracks between any angle components, interactively add smooth curved corners and apply new serpentine patterns.

Style Naming Rules

Technology dialog - Style Naming Rules
Define rules for automatically creating naming conventions to new and existing styles, this includes a pre-defined IPC naming style for Pad definitions.

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Data Migration

Pulsonix delivers the largest collection of Import Filters available in the industry. Import Schematic and PCB Designs as well as the Libraries from your current system; retain your Intellectual Property with accuracy and precision.

And where your product import is not available, please contact us to discuss rebuilding your designs from Gerber data and following on with re-creating the Schematic to match!

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"It is vitally important that we receive fast response and support from our software tools suppliers. We feel that WestDev are really interested in looking after their customers, and the support we get on Pulsonix is excellent."

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